Tom Synder R.I.P.

Tom Synder and me at the Milwaukee Press Club in 1979What’s with all these old friends and acquaintances passing away?

Today, it’s Tom Synder, host of NBC’s “Tomorrow” show, which came on after Carson in the 70s. The picture at the right was taken at the Milwaukee Press Club’s annual dinner in 1979. I was chairman of the event, and I arranged for Tom to get the “Sacred Cat” award, a high journalism honor in the community. Tom grew up there and was most appreciative of the award, thanking me in a note especially for how happy the event had made his mother.

His career began in news in Milwaukee, and he eventually anchored in Philadelphia and Los Angeles before leaving the news business to do “Tomorrow” in 1972. He was, in many ways, the prototypical news anchor of the 70s, but he was an extremely intelligent and witty man.

No comments about my appearance, please.

Tom died this weekend of complications from leukemia. Tom Synder, gone at the age of 77 but not forgotten.


  1. i gotta get a moustache like that.

  2. oops sorry.
    i missed that ‘no comments on appearance line’.
    i watched tom here in philly
    he will be missed.

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