R.I.P. Sandra Seich

Sandra Seich

Sandra Seich

My old friend and business partner, Sandra Seich, has passed away. She died Christmas Eve following a four year battle with breast cancer.

I met Sandra at a time of transition in my life. I’d left TV news in late 1998 and was searching for some sort of meaning to everything that was happening around me. Sandra had authored a fascinating personality study mechanism called ANSIR, A New Style In Relating. I took the test and was flabbergasted at how well it spoke to me, so I contacted her.

We formed a partnership, and I put my life’s savings into the company and became its president. We had a little B2C business running and ran into some investors from a business incubator in Huntsville, Alabama. They introduced us to others and soon valuations of $100 million were being bandied about. We changed the business model and built an advertiser-supported online community, based on personality. When the bubble burst three years later, we lost everything. Had they had the courage to stick it out, we’d have been a hybrid of eHarmony and MySpace. Sigh.

Sandra was a genius by most definitions. She could read people at the age of 10. It’s a shame she never got the recognition she truly deserved for that. Who knows? Perhaps someone will pick up the mantel and move forward with it. Like all geniuses, she had her edge, but that was a small trade-off for the knowledge she intuitively possessed. Her book, The 3 Sides of You, is still available via Amazon.

Sandra taught me much, and while our parting wasn’t under the best of circumstances, I have always bragged about our friendship when the subject came up. I learned about people from Sandra Seich, and I use that knowledge even to this day.

Rest in peace, Sandra, and may God hold you forever in His loving arms.