Robert Jeffress is a Dick!

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So, that didn’t take long.

America’s pastor of the white evangelical branch of Christianity, Robert Jeffress (Q) Dallas, has taken less than a month to shift the focus of his narrative away from the insurrection and back onto the good, old, unforgivable sinners of the political left. You know, those awful liberals and their socialist, communist, wealth-redistribution ideas of taking from the well-off to give to the lesser-thans, to say nothing about killing babies and forcing clean Americans to fellowship with the dirtiest kind of poor beggars and filthy sinners.

“I’m glad I’m not like that Publican over there.”

On the surface, the recent Jeffress essay on Fox Populi is about the dangers of holding on to bitterness, and Jeffress feels his followers are filled with bitterness for having been “offended” by the election results and in need of forgiveness, presumably from God. In essence, he’s saying:

I’ve forgiven myself and so has God. That means you should you, too. I’ve already turned the page on that, and look how happy I am as a result? That’s because I’ve let go of my bitterness over the election. You, too, could be happy, because we’ve got righteous work to do in making God a part of the way we ALL live 24/7. Now, let’s get to work doing the exact same things that we’ve always done.

Folks, this has nothing to do with the church, and it certainly has nothing to do with God. It is a political land grab by dangerous forces that his false witness drags along with it. It would be nice if Jeffress had bothered to mention the word “repentance” as part of the deal, but he sees his followers as having nothing for which they need to repent, except possibly bitterness in their hearts.

…if we feel justice has not been served, we trust God to ultimately right the wrong…While God doesn’t always settle the score immediately, He will settle it ultimately.

Republicans certainly have the right to believe that the election was stolen, but after they have exhausted their appeals it is time to move forward and try to win the next election.

Did you see that? By talking about his followers’ “relationship” with God, he’s able to slide in political views as if they are the same thing. Read on:

It is no secret that I was, and continue to be, an enthusiastic supporter and friend of President Trump.

I believe Donald Trump’s presidency made our nation’s laws more just by protecting unborn life and promoting religious freedom.

I was disappointed by the results of the election. During his first two weeks in office President Biden signed a number of executive orders that I find deeply troubling and wrong.

I have every intention of pushing back against the torrent of ungodly policies that I believe the Biden/ Harris administration will unleash on our country. But I refuse to allow that determination to devolve into an all-consuming anger that poisons my spirit and infects everyone close to me.

I would encourage my fellow Trump supporters to do the same. As the writer of Proverbs warned, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life” (Proverbs 4:23, The New Living Translation).

My concern about next week’s impeachment trial is that once the expected acquittal comes half of the country will refuse to accept it, giving Democrats the ammunition they need to continue their relentless attacks on the former president. This will be akin to continually picking at a scab, ensuring that it never heals.

Jeffress wants our attention redirected away from January 6th, which is necessary for these Christian Nationalists to be granted a mulligan. No thank you, Dickhead. We know how this ends. Here’s a great response to such from Dan Rather:

“January 6 is not ancient history. And neither are the lies that brought us to the brink. Those who peddled in these lies (or even just excused them) and thus stoked an insurrectionist mob, should not be allowed to slink back into credible discourse without a serious reckoning.”

It’s truly amazing how these people think they did nothing wrong, that God is very happy with them, and that their job is to simply continue the pressure that comes with the arrogance of self-righteousness.

Fox Populi tweeted their own view, hoping perhaps to get back the thousands of followers they’ve lost since the insurrection: “Liberal media, CNN try to paint QAnon loons as new face of Republican Party.” What other options do we have? That’s the facts, ma’am, and I’m sorry that your prodding and promotion of lies has put you on the precipice, but behavior has consequences, so kindly go screw yourself!

I’ve lost all patience for this. It’s a flat-out manipulation by false witness, and Pastor Jeffress can go directly to hell for all I care. (Careful with that bitterness, Terry)

We must be diligent and never allow ourselves to be fooled again that this religious zeal is anything other than the Republican-sanctioned overthrow of the U.S. Government.

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