R.I.P. Sandra Seich

Sandra Seich

Sandra Seich

My old friend and business partner, Sandra Seich, has passed away. She died Christmas Eve following a four year battle with breast cancer.

I met Sandra at a time of transition in my life. I’d left TV news in late 1998 and was searching for some sort of meaning to everything that was happening around me. Sandra had authored a fascinating personality study mechanism called ANSIR, A New Style In Relating. I took the test and was flabbergasted at how well it spoke to me, so I contacted her.

We formed a partnership, and I put my life’s savings into the company and became its president. We had a little B2C business running and ran into some investors from a business incubator in Huntsville, Alabama. They introduced us to others and soon valuations of $100 million were being bandied about. We changed the business model and built an advertiser-supported online community, based on personality. When the bubble burst three years later, we lost everything. Had they had the courage to stick it out, we’d have been a hybrid of eHarmony and MySpace. Sigh.

Sandra was a genius by most definitions. She could read people at the age of 10. It’s a shame she never got the recognition she truly deserved for that. Who knows? Perhaps someone will pick up the mantel and move forward with it. Like all geniuses, she had her edge, but that was a small trade-off for the knowledge she intuitively possessed. Her book, The 3 Sides of You, is still available via Amazon.

Sandra taught me much, and while our parting wasn’t under the best of circumstances, I have always bragged about our friendship when the subject came up. I learned about people from Sandra Seich, and I use that knowledge even to this day.

Rest in peace, Sandra, and may God hold you forever in His loving arms.


  1. Lisa Musgrave says

    May she find the peace that eluded her. She believed she didn’t reach as many people as she needed to, but that was always an illusion. (And she’ll haunt you for posting her photo — you know that, don’t you 🙂 ?)

  2. A beautiful post, Terry. Hopefully ANSIR and Sandra’s work can continue, some way, some how. I still recommend 3 Sides of You to my clients on a regular basis. And we still speak ANSIR around the house (“My new co-worker is a real Sentinel…”)


    Godspeed, Sandra. I know you’re still with us in Spirt. Thanks for your earthly contribution this time around.

  3. Terry, thank you for this post about Sandra. I am saddened to hear about her passing. I never met her nor have I met you, but I was profoundly helped by the ANSIR model and the “3 Sides of You” book. I understand that the ANSIR website is no longer up, but I have referred the book to many. It gave me remarkable insight about myself, more so than the Myers-Briggs model and the best book for that model, “Do What You Are.” I am an ENFP in that model, but the ENFP did not shed light on my underlying genius intelligence. Whereas the MBTI has 16 permutations, ANSIR has over 2,000.

    Without having come across the ANSIR model, I never would have had the courage to

    a) take the Mensa test, which I passed;

    b) apply to the most élite grad schools in the nation, several of which accepted me (I went to Stanford);

    c) step forward with a peace prize vision that I had in 2002. This novel conflict-resolution idea, with which I think I am ahead of the United Nations is about building day schools for the children of opposing political groups in places like Belfast, Beirut, Baghdad, Nicosia, and Jerusalem / Ramallah. The schools would be a catalyst for a missing peace agreement and not just a by-product. (Think of the chicken & the egg paradigm; either one can come first.) I have a budding Facebook following, and I’ve been invited to present my ideas to politicians. Hopefully it will be my job someday. Over a dozen people have told me that I remind them of Greg Mortenson, author of “3 Cups of Tea.” I often think that if I win some sort of prize someday, the first person I would thank would be Sandra.

    d)) take pride in my natural gift as a teacher,

    and e) help me to overcome my anxiety and hypersensitivity when dating.

    I feel a lot of empathy with Sandra and her thinking, and I wonder if she was a “Sage” in some respect.

    Blessings to you, Terry, and RIP to Sandra. She will be missed greatly by many who knew her, but also by people like me who never even got to communicate with her.

    Mills Chapman
    Thinking: Empath; Working: Empath; Emoting: Sage

  4. Thank-You Terry. My thoughts have often wondered to you all, hoping that you are well, the girls’ as well. Thank-You all, for your wonderful posts.
    Mom’s work touched many lives, I am proud of what she was able to accomplish not only for us but for the people she was able to reach. I am thankful for her gift, her vision, her laughter and her love. The legacy she left for me, for many of us, is to live our truth. Embrace all the ways we are exceptional and valuable. As Mom would say, everything cuts 14 ways.
    I miss her, the world seems more lonely without her in it. She was my mother, my friend, my counsel and the soul and spirit of our family. She was our smile and our magic.
    Mom left us all in love and with peace, surrounded by those who loved her and cherished her.

    Honor her by honoring yourselves. Live your lives in the truth she would want for you. Believe that you are worthy enough to embrace all that is you. ANSIR…for all.

    With love,

  5. Dear Mr. Heaton,

    Ansir was a great. I am interested in developing a new ansir website.
    Would you please tell me who I need to get in touch with on this matter.

    R. Holt

  6. B. Jones says

    I took the ANSIR test around about 1998 and it was so amazing to read the book. It has taught me much about myself and has shed light on many things for me. What an amazing journey this has become. Conversations recently have brought this back to me and I’ve opened my book once again reading the words written with such grace and eloquence. What an amazing gift she has given us. I hope the test can be brought back somewhere, somehow, as it is too great a gift to let pass with her.

    Empath — Healer — Empath

  7. Terry,

    So sorry to hear about Sandra. It has been awhile since we’ve had any contact — I used to visit the ANSIR site every once in awhile, but I have been amiss, and now I see that it is gone.

    I hope all is well with you and the others — life has been better since my initial contact and subsequent conversations. As you may recall, mine was one of the stories posted on the site. I still have my 14 Conversations book and have just ordered Sandra’s 3 Sides of You — I’m sure I’ll enjoy perusing that one as well.

    I still have my results from years ago — I believe I am a Visionary — Diligent — Kinsmen, if memory serves me correct.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and will be in contact from time to time — keep in touch.


  8. I am just now finding out about Ms. Seich’s passing from this post. I too loved Ansir and pulled up the book tonight after 7 or so years. I am saddened to hear about her passing… it was clear to all of us who resonated with the test that it was truly exceptional.

    Who has the rights to the test now? I feel like the world is ready for the test to be public again.

  9. Sandra has been on my mind of late. She’d know why. I still treasure our too brief friendship. I always will. She had an incredible gift and I’m so sorry it’s lost to a world that needs it so desperately. That she didn’t finish what only she could have. Her post is still up on my site. Her spirit lives within too. I’m looking forward to the next conversation we’ll have. Time is an artificial construct. Only known here. But here it is both light speed and full stop. She got that. Such an amazing woman. Infinite spirit. Love, gene

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