Bombardment anyone?

The below is from an interesting article (Location + Mobile + Ads: Verve CEO Says People Are Set to Get It) in Street Fight about geo-local marketing. The speaker is Verve Mobile CEO Tom MacIsaac, and I want you to pay close attention to the depth of marketing-speak employed here.

Geofencing is just one tool in location-based mobile advertising. Obviously, the radius of a geofence and the population density of the targeted areas are [axes] that have to be balanced to deliver scale for an advertiser. The better way to look at this is to consider the advertiser’s objectives; geofencing can be helpful in reaching people nearby, but what about people who aren’t currently nearby but live or work nearby. wouldn’t it be great to reach them too? Or to retarget people who have recently been at or near a location? Or to target your optimal audience — like soccer moms or business travelers or outdoor enthusiasts — where those segments are built based on data associated with user locations? All of this is possible.

Possible, perhaps, but holy crap!

The advertising industry assumes much in its practices, the biggest of which seems to be an inherent right to disrupt any experience of human beings in order to sell them something.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, and with this, the industry continues to dig itself deeper into the hole of empowered consumer irritation. Sigh.

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