ZeFrank creates a new ad model

Few people understand the desire of people to participate in “their” media like ZeFrank. He’s launched a campaign that allows viewers of “the show” to buy a placement on that day’s page. It’s hilarious, and by my count, Ze cleared $2,100 on today’s show.

Ze is obsessed with rubber duckies, so a big duckie plus a 50-character mouse-over message will cost you $50. For ten bucks, you get a tiny duckie, and $5 buys you a jewel. It’s very clever and allows the viewers to sponsor the show with whatever message they want. And don’t think Ze’s viewers don’t read the messages.

Pay attention, people. This is the kind of crazy idea that has potential.

(WARNING: ZeFrank can be quite “adult.”)


  1. “zefrank can be quite adult”

    so can a rubber duckie!

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