YouTube and culture — something new under the sun

From his position as a cultural anthropologist at Kansas State University, Michael Wesch is making observations about new media that go far beyond what most people even think, much less talk about. I’ve used his material in presentations, because he’s really onto the truth, and his views help explain the “why” behind what seems to most as chaos. His latest YouTube video is his best work yet, and I strongly recommend you take an hour to watch it. The video makes a strong case that, at least culturally, YouTube is something truly new under the sun.

This blog is dedicated to discussing a practical form of postmodernism, and I believe we have entered the “Age of Participation,” a second Gutenberg moment in history. We’ve just scratched the surface on what it means, and Michael Wesch seems to have a unique understanding of the changes that are evolving. And why wouldn’t he? The guy’s an anthropologist.

(thanks to John Battelle for the video)


  1. Gary Johnson says

    Terry- I have read your blog and digitaljournalist for several years. I have not always completely grasped your point on web 2.0 etc but this certainly helps. I guess I’m a visual learner. thanks- Gary

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