Your Personal Brand

Here’s my latest essay, Your Personal Brand.

billboard for terribennett.comA year ago, I wrote the story of Terri Bennett for our newsletter. Terri served the Charlotte market as a meteorologist for 16 years at WSOC-TV and WCNC-TV before being released in the summer of ’07. Instead of searching for a new job, she and her husband launched their own business,, where she continues to do weather and more in Charlotte. The site has grown; they’re beginning to make money; and they’ve begun outside marketing.

Terri’s adopted “do your part” as a slogan, and she’s thinking of syndicating video segments on the subject to other markets. The subtext of her site is, “Come for the weather — Stay for the world.” It’s quite a good site, and they’re building a real online community with it.

Terri Bennett is making money by competing against the industry that used to employ her, and she is a wonderful example of a person exploiting their personal brand. What is your personal brand? Increasingly, it’s your identity, and it applies to every human being in a networked world.


  1. i was fortunate enough earlier this year to have the “other” one of my kid’s become available. before that, one was available and the other ‘not so much’.

    having been down that road 100 times before where you can’t do for one unless you do for both, i never registered ‘the one’ for fear that ‘the other’ would never be allowed to expire.

    i told them never to let them go. as you just said (kind of) “it applies to every (stevelarue and stephanielarue) in a networked world”.

    we’ll have to see what they make of them over the years

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