Wrong use of the Net can turn young voters off

Wrong use of the Net can turn young voters off.
That’s the brilliant conclusion of a new study by the Center for Democracy and Citizenship and the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. Both are non-profit groups, according to a report by Reuters.

Online communication techniques such as sending text messages to cell phones and buying “banner ads” on Web sites, were more likely to alienate young people rather than win them over, the survey found. E‑mail updates and “get out the vote” messages were likely to turn off young people as well.

Other approaches, such as online chatrooms to answer questions, issue-specific e‑mail messages and “Web logs” with information about the campaign were more likely to attract attention, the survey found.

Two questions: One, did somebody actually pay for this bulletin? And, two, in the Modernist world, empirical evidence is necessary to assign the value of truth to any supposition, which explains the first question, but this “finding” is so obvious and elementary as to make me wonder: Do we really need a study to prove common sense?


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