Working Without a Stage

UPDATE: For the first time, I’ve updated an essay. I came across some great supporting research and added it to the document.

Here is the latest in my ongoing series of essays, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

Working Without a Stage

At its core, the interactive world that we know as “the net” is a place of unlimited connections that come together for each of us in a personal playground. While it’s true that we can create shared experiences, they are not passive for web denizens, so the idea that the Web can provide an “audience” for media companies is more wishful thinking than reality.

I first began exploring this concept many years ago and refer to it as “media-as-a-stage.” Today, we need to begin thinking about how to do and monetize what we do without this stage metaphor. I think the advertising community will figure it out first, because advertising creative that is meant to be delivered via a stage of any kind doesn’t work in the personal world of the Web. We’ll see this in the years to come, and I think you can take that to the bank.


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