WiMax comes of age

While a lot of people are commenting on the AOL search/privacy issue, the bigger story in the new media world is the announcement by Sprint that it’s rolling out a 4G (4th generation) broadband mobile network in 2007–2008.

Using WiMax technology (something I’ve been touting for years), this infrastructure will bring mobile internet into a whole new realm, and I don’t think this is good news for the broadcasting industry, especially radio. Imagine driving in your car and listening to the radio via wireless broadband instead of over-the-air. New devices will flourish. TV news operations (and vloggers) will be able to feed live video from anywhere at practically zero cost. Anybody can and will be in the “broadcasting” business.

When Intel invested its future in WiMax technology, you knew that this was something to watch. Sprint will invest $1 billion in 2007 and $1.5–2 billion in 2008. The big cities will get it first.

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