Why we’re fleeing the “clutter”

I’ve written many times before that commercial interruptions take up more than one-third of prime time viewing, but now comes a new report from TNS Media Intelligence shows that after branded entertainment is factored into the equation, marketing messages account for 35 percent of every hour in prime time. It’s interesting to note that MediaDailyNews present this as a problem for marketers instead of a problem for viewers.

Typically, advertisers have objected to clutter caused by heavy commercial loads along with promos and other non-programming interstitials–all of which hampers their ability to break through with their messages.
Those poor marketers and their problem with clutter!

Call me a nut, but this report misses the real story, which is how these stats evidence the fragile and failed nature of the broadcasting beast. We all admit that TV’s core competency is mass marketing, but broadcasting has forgotten that it takes an audience to create the mass in the first place. Brand marketing keeps piling on, while broadcasters fret about revenue difficulties.

Remember Heatonism number one: Revenue isn’t the problem; audience is the problem. Fix the problem.

35 percent of every hour! Is it any wonder people are fleeing attempts by marketeurs to “break through with their messages?” In the words of the immortal Doc Searls, “there is no demand for messages.”

Get a clue.

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