Why is there a personal media revolution?

75-year old Mona Shaw might be able to tell you why. It’s because nobody listens to customers/consumers anymore, so we’re taking things into our own hands. Mona’s story involves Comcast, missed appointments, and lousy service. So she paid the local office a visit with a hammer, destroying a keyboard and a telephone and knocking over a monitor. She was arrested for disorderly conduct, but what does a 75-year old woman care about that?

“It’s totally not like me to do stuff like this,” she told Potomac News. “But it is so irresponsible and so disrespectful [what they did]. I can’t think of any company reacting that way. It’s like they got you in their clutches and they’ll do what they damn well please.”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


  1. Comcast is Satan. I would not be surprised if there’s a hidden 666 in their corporate logo somewhere. And I’m only half-kidding.

  2. i’ll send bail $ if you have an address.

  3. Mark Shepherd says

    I had serious trouble with Comcast a few years ago. The only way I ever got action was to contact the city’s cable liason. It’s sad when the only way to get a company to live up to its obligation is to get the government to put pressure on them. But as long as they have a monopoly (and don’t try to tell me satellite is competition), that’s the way it’ll be.

  4. I can totally empathize. And it’s not just Comcast. I don’t know who inspires me to more of a frothing rage … Comcast, Sprint (cell phone) or Best Buy (retail and CC). Normally, I am really laid back, easy going and I don’t get overly riled about much of anything. But in the last few years, those 3 companies each have had me fit to be tied. Their support people merely parrot the company policy and can’t really change it, but what gets me all in a snit is the feeling that not only do they not care, they enjoy your misery.

    I have worked as one of those phone drones myself, it isn’t always easy and the customer can be really hard to deal with sometimes, but all that needs to be done to keep them calm and relatively happy is to show sincere empathy and that someone cares that they are not getting what they want. And most times, there is a way to give them what they want or at least a compromise. The new “Going Postal” will likely be “Going Comcastic”!

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