Why I’m abandoning TechCrunch and Techmeme

Farewell TechCrunch and TechmemeI’m separating myself from two old friends today, and it’s pretty painful. TechCrunch and Techmeme have both served me well over the years, keeping me informed on the cutting edge of news in the tech sphere. I can honestly say that these two websites have played a major role in my knowledge level, and I will miss them.

However, I can’t keep up with either. My RSS reader is overwhelmed with the stuff they crank out, most of which, frankly, is completely useless reading.

There is this belief in media that more is better. More produces more page views, and page views produce revenue, and so it goes. But this strategy disrespects customers, because I simply don’t have the time to keep up. And rather than stare at 100 unread items a day from each, I find myself simply marking them all as read and moving on.

Twitter is more than capable of keeping me connected with what’s really important.

I’m not sure if there’s an answer. Perhaps if Michael Arrington would personally oversee a specific RSS feed of “important” content, I would subscribe to that, but as of this morning, I’ve dropped both of these sites, along with The Inquistr, from my RSS reader.

Maybe it’s a sign of changing times. I don’t know. The only thing I do know is that time is the real scarcity in the life of any consumer today, and tactical revenue maneuvers designed to capture more of that scarcity cannot possibly win in the long run.

Farewell, old friends. Farewell.


  1. How audacious! You dare to suggest curation? (Or what we old fogies used to call “editing.”)

    Seriously, a news product that simply spews like a fire hose is a poor product indeed.

  2. It was pretty easy for me to start edging away from TechCrunch since they started to be more about reminding readers/critics/themselves how important they are. Whenever I think about the editors at TC, I’m reminded of that scene in “Changing Lanes” when Ben Affleck yells at Samuel L. Jackson with “See? See!? See what I can do to you!?!”

    TechMeme I’m a bit more reluctant to leave, since tech zeitgeist is much closer to my perso-professional interests.

    I’ve used Pipes to give me a rolled-up feeds of all of the TechMeme sites, the appropriate Digg and Fark channels, and Slashdot in order to give me a super-zeitgeist feed. It’s the one that I go to most often, especially when I’m in a rush: http://bit.ly/rooJE6

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  4. Since you’re pulling in the Mediagazer feed on the front page, it’s interesting that you’d swear off Techmeme, which is after all Mediagazer’s sister site. What happens when they both reach the same flow?

    If the problem is volume, not quality, turning off Techmeme seems shortsighted. I’m a big fan of Yahoo Pipes, too, but I know it’s overly technical for a lot of people. I would argue that you shouldn’t abandon a good source of info but instead find the tools turn down the spigot.

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