Why I love Blaugh

I swore I wouldn’t participate in making Chris Pirillo’s head any bigger, but the time has come for me to say a few things about the brilliance of this 2.0 play. It’s been around for a few months, but today’s cartoon is irresistible:
Truth in Blogging

The strategy here has been to create a humorous widget about blogs and blogging that bloggers will use on their sites, just as I’ve done above. Chris and his partner, Brad Fitzpatrick, even dream up ideas about specific A‑list bloggers, appealing to their ego to run the personalized cartoons. The result? Tons and tons of links back to the Blaugh site and traffic, traffic, traffic for their sponsor, GoDaddy.com. Even my writing about it today is accomplishing their mission.

But it’s too brilliant to ignore, and it should give broadcasters more ideas about what’s possible in the world of unbundled media. These cartoons were created to be shared virally, not tucked away in some 1.0 publication. This is the new role of content creators, and Chris and Brad are showing us all how it’s done.

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