Who’s killing TV?

That’s the question being asked by Association of National Advertisers CEO Bob Liodice in his blog ANA Marketing Musings. He cites four things:

Clutter: How many more commercials are we going to jam into the pod?

Cost: Aren’t network prime CPM’s out of control?

Measurement: C’mon now. In this world of technology, why can’t marketers get their hands on affordable commercial ratings data?

Creative: OK – this is purely subjective, but do we really think that the level of television commercial creative is anywhere near what it was – say 10–20 years ago?

With the advent of enhanced TV technology – including improved consumer targeting tools – I believe television marketing has the opportunity to be reinvented as the communications vehicle-of-choice in 3–5 years. But the television industry business model must change. The reporting and measurement tools must evolve. The pricing must become more competitive. And, most importantly, we must rethink our whole strategic approach to brand building. Can it be done? Absolutely. Will it be done? I’m taking bets!
Who’s killing TV? It’s not a homicide, folks; it’s suicide.

(Thanks to Adrants)

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