Who needs TV?

I spent this morning putting together my new desk (Allied destroyed the old one). The package weighed over 200 pounds, and I’m, well, alone. I knew it would be a rough morning, so I made a fresh pot of coffee and got down to work. It had been awhile since I’d put one of these pressboard things together, but I soon discovered it’s a lot like riding a bike.

As usual, my dog Piffy was right by my side. Normally, she’d just go to sleep, but not this day. We had an enjoyable visit to my deck of a squirrel who stopped by to munch on sunflower seeds from the birdfeeder. I love squirrels and find them endlessly entertaining, especially when Piffy gets involved. The squirrel was with us for over an hour, tormenting the dog from just inches away at times.

She was trapped inside while the little varmint scooted around on the balcony, and all Piffy could do was watch — intently. The squirrel knew she was there, too. Several times the little critter stared right at her, even strolling up right next to the door as if to taunt poor Piffy.

I laughed and laughed and thankfully my camera was near. It made the time go by as I constructed the desk from which I will work for the this new season of my life. A great memory indeed. And thanks to the miracle of digital photography and the internet, you can share a little of the joy with me.

Who needs TV when nature entertains you this way?

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