Who needs TV anymore?

Steve Hall at Adrants has a nice commentary on the TV industry, TV Becoming Unnecessary Appliance for Advertising:

The NFL has announced it will place all Super Bowl ads airing this weekend on its video on demand NFL Network, on NFL.com and on Sprint phones. Budweiser will optimize its five minutes worth of ads for the iPod and make them downloadable from Budweiser.com. GoDaddy, of course, has been pushing its ads online for years. Pepsi will have BrownandBubbly.com. Burger King will have the Whopperettes. Who needs an actual television anymore?
I would add that the same thing applies to programming in our increasingly unbundled media world.

Meanwhile, Heavy.com has the banned Superbowl ads. Of course, who wants to see THEM?


  1. Don’t forget about the Bud Light Daredevil Ted Furguson (tedferguson.com). Those ads and site were featured in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal in an article about ads being run on iPods.

  2. I actually like ‘brown and bubbly’. It’s catchy. Brown and bubbly, brown and bubbly, brown and…

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