Where have all the viewers gone? Part two.

Where have all the viewers gone? Part two.
If a story in the ABCNEWS Silicon Insider is to be believed (and I do believe it), then many of the young (former) viewers are off playing interactive online games, like CounterStrike. Michael Malone’s insightful article ought to send chills down the spines of network executives. CounterStrike is a burgeoning sub-culture of mostly young men who battle each other across the continents. “Clans” are formed, and soon the technology will allow users to put their own faces on the characters they play. As Malone so astutely points out:

“Now, I don’t mean Counter-Strike alone is literally undermining television. But as the leading representative of a new class of online experiences, it is playing a pivotal role in the creation of a new youth subculture in America — one that has little time or interest in traditional television.

“Something big is emerging here. And it is ready to erupt through the surface of society. Technological changes like this always arrive with a bang — one day you’ve never heard of it, the next you, and millions of others like you, are immersed in it. It is only in retrospect that you see that there were some warnings, some omens, you never noticed. I think this recent collapse of young male television viewers is one of them.”

As is often noted in this space, if you don’t understand a little about Postmodernism, you’ll miss what’s taking place in our world. Technology has enabled a very different life for Pomos, this new sub-culture being one of them. For Modernists, who cling to logic and reason and order and rules, the first reaction is to dismiss it as a passing fad. After all, haven’t there ALWAYS been passing fads? This is the dominant mindset in the TV world, and if it continues, it’ll destroy the once proud industry of television.

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