When will they learn?

One of my sayings is “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” I originally used it regarding video effects. Most young editors get enamored with effects, and if overused, they become INeffective and actually kill story flow and pacing. I’ve adopted the saying to include just about anything in life.

The folks out there running some of these disruptive advertising technologies could use a healthy dose of that lesson, because now even something as innocent as moving a mouse is considered permission to disrupt by many in the industry. It’s not, but that doesn’t matter in the quest to sell, sell, sell. And the people’s response? There’s now an extension for Firefox called Flashblock that will block all Flash on a page. Of course, this will ruin other legitimate uses of Flash, and all because advertisers are doing this stuff because they can.

The latest is from the good folks at Vibrant Media, whose early IntelliTxt technology linked keywords in web page text to little text ads when moused over. Now they’ve got a cute little video player that will run a video ad when users mouse over keywords.

Let me repeat. My mousing over your ad is not permission for you to disrupt my experience. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.



  1. Steve in Nashville says

    Terry, I noticed that Dave Winer mentioned you on his BloggerCon blog this week. Congrats. I just returned from VloggerCon where I saw Dave. Im launching a vlog here in Nashville, its in beta, will launch next week.

  2. Keep me posted, Steve.

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