When moral authority is lost

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The German people thought Hitler was their savior!

When the minority reaches or exceeds moral parity with the majority, the majority loses its status. Numbers aren’t really what determines authority, for that goes to those who use their authority to provide a cultural foundation for civilization. When moral authority is acceded to another group, the majority will have committed cultural suicide.

This is exactly what certain white Americans feel is happening to them. This is the same fear we exploited at The 700 Club for profit and political power. And now that certain white evangelicals have a “friend” in the White House, they’ve lost the moral high ground reserved for Jesus and his disciples. And, it’s not the “who” that’s in the White House that matters, so much as the belief that political power is necessary to sway the system on behalf of what they believe God is telling them, namely that sin is the culture’s biggest problem. However, the Christian faith is as counter-culture as it gets, which is what gives it license to speak its spiritual wisdom to the whole of culture. Such wisdom is always spiritual and always bottom-up, unless and until it assumes positions of power and influence within the culture. Then, as Jesus put it regarding the rich, “they have their reward.”

The last time the church was in charge in the West, we had the plague and the dark ages. That’s exactly where we’re headed absent the churches awakening to the truth.

Mother Teresa’s lifestyle allowed her to be a servant to all others. Same with Ghandi, the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Junior, and thousands of others who dedicated their lives to the servanthood example that Christ gave us. This attitude of service is true moral authority. Were it any other way, there would be no use for Christianity in the culture.

Where is the power of faith to challenge the culture? It’s gone, because those who chose this path in the past have been sideswiped by a fast-moving vehicle with the sign “Washington or bust!” Instead of challenging the culture today, the church wants to run it, and no matter how many niceties one can claim God “wants” for His children, it doesn’t follow that cultural leadership is one of them. You can’t make a whole meal of salt, which is our proper flavor within the culture.

The spiritual authority of the minority is due in part to its position as “less than” with the majority, and this is to the majority’s shame and its inability to remain the determiners of culture. The only place this doesn’t matter is with the silk stockings of our world, those whose fortunes grant them license where others are held back by laws, rules, and financial insecurity. This is the same group against which Jesus’ ministry railed, because their excess is used to manipulate others and hold them back.

It’s fair reasoning to make the statement that America was founded by Christian people seeking religious freedom from England, Colonial Protestants who saw profit in establishing the laws and rules of a new nation. It’s hard to deny that the first act of these travelers when they reached the shores of Virginia was to plant a cross and claim the land for their Christ. Their moral authority to do so, however, was damaged by their actions against people native to the land. Nevertheless, it lasted two centuries, but this moral authority was no match for the internet with its searchable database of human knowledge. Allegiance to the old is dissipating before our eyes, and we are dangerously close to fascism as a result. Those with something to lose will fight hard against those who cry “freedom” by keeping the minority oppressed, and historically, that hasn’t turned out well for anybody. That’s because life itself equally supports everybody. It’s the humans in charge that speak only for themselves, dragging us into their argument by convincingly stating that this is the best it gets for the have-nots.

So, be of good cheer as we approach the most important Presidential election in American history, a time when humankind must step up en masse to push back against what is dragging us collectively into fascism. Thankfully, this push back is inevitable.

History reminds us that this has all happened before. The question is have we learned its important lesson?

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