When logic isn’t logical

When logic isn’t logical.
This is a little off-topic, but not really. Here in Tennessee, we’re a few months into our new lottery. The thing was sold to the citizenry as a way to provide college scholarships to those who formerly weren’t able to fund an education. Sounds great, right?

Oops. The legislation doesn’t provide any new monies for the colleges and universities to handle the influx of new students, so they have no other choice than to raise their admissions standards. Hence, the lower socio-economic strata — which the lottery was designed to help — is still cut out of the education dream, because such students generally score lower academically. What’s even worse is that a great deal of the lottery revenue comes from this “class,” so the actual outcome is that the lower class is funding the education of the upper class through scholarships provided by the lottery.

Who knew?

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