When blogs are news

I’m a big fan of MediaPost and subscribe to several of their newsletters. One of them, Section Two: Stories from Around The Net, contains a first today (at least, it’s the first I’ve seen) — it links directly to a blog as news. Here’s the headline and summary from the newsletter:

How the ANA’s Enhanced TV Initiative Will Work
ANA Marketing Musings, July 6, 2004
Recently, I blogged about the ANA’s Enhanced TV initiative and why we are undertaking this project. To wrap this up, I thought I would share with you actually how this will project will work. The test and related meetings are only open to those ANA members who have elected to participate in the project. — Read the whole story…
Interesting, methinks, because MediaPost has put a blog on the same level with institutional press offerings that make up their usual links. Hmm.

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