What’s wrong with this picture?

This is interesting, but mostly because of what’s missing. 26.2 percent of all visits to print-affiliated news Web sites originated from other news sites, according to new research by Hitwise. 19.8 percent of visits came directly from search engines and directories, 9.0 percent from entertainment sites, and 7.2 percent from Web e‑mail services. Here’s the list:

  • Other News sites 26.2%
  • Search engines 19.8%
  • Entertainment 9.0%
  • Web E‑mail 7.2%
  • Business & Fin 6.5%
  • Sports 5.3%
  • Lifestyle 5.3%
  • Portal Frontpages 4.5%
Hitwise has a total of 100 categories that they use to quantify data like this, but RSS isn’t one of them. To me, this negates the value of the research, because anybody who’s not counting traffic via RSS isn’t paying attention to what’s happening in the market.

The day is soon coming when more people will read print stories in an RSS reader or some similar application (with an ad) than will read one on anybody’s portal Website. By working RSS into their “My” pages, Yahoo — and others — have opened the door for mass use of RSS, and while their system still requires clicking on a headline (and being transported to the Website), the day is coming when people will only accept full text feeds. Once you’ve eaten filet, it’s hard to go back to hamburger.

Like everything else in the new media world, we can fight this, or we can embrace it and learn.


  1. Isn’t this kind of demonstrating what bloggers “know” — that readers will link out and, when finished reading the supporting link, hit their back button and return? I know that’s how I do it, anyhow.

  2. Ernest,

    You bring up a touchy subject for me. Way back when I began this journey, I chose Greymatter, because it was free and I knew a bit about perl scrips. I’ve been very lazy in moving to a new platform or even upping my feed to RSS 2.0. Tsk-tsk.

    The truth is I actually thought of that while writing this post.

    I’ll try and fix some of this over the weekend.

    Thanks for the admonition.


  3. Speaking of which, do you have a full text feed for POMO Blog? If so, I’ve missed it.

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