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Above is the widget from Entertainment Weekly that I have on my iGoogle page. Textbook unbundling. You know the drill. But notice that the widget only pictures Barack Obama in its advancer on tonight’s (who knows if it’ll take place) debate. Subtle, but effective.

On the right, is from the upper right-hand corner of the home page of the magazine’s website.


  1. McCain supporters can argue that it’s biased to only show Obama. But if they showed McCain, Obama supporters could argue that it’s biased to show McCain, who has flip-flopped several times now on whether and under what circumstances he’ll be there. Obama is the only one who has not wavered in his commitment to show up.

    I think they can get called down no matter what they do in this circumstance. Maybe they should just show the moderator??

  2. mccain was busy having his photo taken with the caption: “McCain WINS DEBATE!”

    if you haven’t seen it yet, you will.

    huffpo has it up NOW and i would suppose all the msnbc folks will have it on before tonight’s debate.

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