What he said

Douglas Ruskoff can say it like few others.

What those who are afraid of civil society breaking down don’t realize is that civil society has already broken down! This is not a civil society we live in, but a profiteering, every-man-for-himself, oligarchy.
He’s writing about New Orleans, and while some would read it as just more political bitching, I see his observation as another way of stating what’s happening in the change from a modernist culture to postmodernism.

When everyday people survey the landscape that is our modern culture, they see walled gardens, locked gates and institutionalized silos of protected knowledge. There is a gut-level knowing that something just isn’t right, and the ease with which people used to simply accept that which was given them is disappearing. Every time one of our vaunted institutions fails (as we’re watching this week), blind trust slips further away.

It’s one of the things fueling the personal media revolution. If “we” don’t trust “them,” then “we’ll” do it ourselves. Disruptive technology is the friend of the people and the enemy of the status quo.

Pomos trust their own experiences and those of their family and friends over anybody “in charge,” and this isn’t some bunch of idiotic foolishness. It’s very rational, considering Rushkoff’s “profiteering, every-man-for-himself, oligarchy.”

Nothing will save the modernist empire, and frankly, I’m not sure it’s worth saving anyway.

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