“We’re all bozos on this bus.”

One of the most challenging minds in the world today belongs to Dave Winer. Love him or hate him Like him or dislike him; he makes you think. I tend towards the love side, because, well, he’s just SUCH an original.

Yesterday, for example, he made a couple of rather important points about the blogosphere — points that I share, although I’ve not done such a good job of stating them. Here’s one:

…anyone who thinks they know what the blogosphere is about is as right as someone who thinks they know the meaning of life, and potentially as dangerous (in a not-nice way) because maybe they’ll try to force you to see it their way.
And another:
I did an interview earlier this week, talking about the relationship between blogging and professional journalism, and I reiterated my old line, that I don’t want to do away with the pros, I grew up reading them, and I think they serve a purpose. But they have to lose the arrogance and get creative if they want to have a chance in the new century.
And finally…
When people get the idea that they’re on some righteous path that’s exclusive of others, that’s when I start shaking my head. It doesn’t matter who they are, who they work for, or how much (or little) money they have. Get a clue, we’re all bozos on this bus, and none of us gets out of this alive.
Dave, never stop writing stuff like this. We need you. Thanks.


  1. Thanks Terry, I really appreciate the kind words.

    The only concern I have is the word “hate” — which is an especially sensitive word for a child of holocaust survivors, which I am one of. How about you can agree or disagree, or like or dislike. But hate is so strong, and carries so much pain with it, I’d rather not carry that.

    But I know you meant this to be a compliment, so I took it that way.

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