WebMD: Illegal to link

In a piece called “WebMD Dampens Financial Prognosis On Ad Slowdown,” Online Media Daily reports that WebMD has lowered its financial guidance for 2008, citing a softening ad marketplace. I don’t have much to say about that, but it does give me the opportunity to display my favorite paragraph from the entire website (from the “About” page).

Did you know it is illegal to link any of WebMD's content (other than our home page) without accepting our terms and conditions?

Note that I’m not linking to them.


  1. Illegal! I love it. WebMD is obviously referring to the Anti-Linking Law of 2002, which prohibited use of Hypertext Markup Language online.

    Come on — link to something on their site. But make it a silly link — say, to their “Contact Us” page, where people can offer their opinions about linking.

    Funny. I’ve never seen that before. If only there were a way to increase their pageviews in this “softening ad marketplace…” (You know — where all the ad growth is…)