Webcam from the anchor’s desk

Sherri Talley at KTBS has been live on the Web for a couple of days now in an experiment to see how well a single individual on camera can communicate raw information in an on-going story. It has been fascinating. The screen is split with chat on the right and Sherri on the left. She’s at her desk and interviewing local officials, newsroom personnel (even those not normally on camera: photogs, producers), and station meteorologists.

Sherri Talley live from her desk

Most fascinating to me has been the dialog in the chat window, which proves, once again, that the Web is a social tool, even in a crisis.

If you go take a look, this is definitely not TV. It’s raw and, in a strange way, compelling. The audience has been extremely pleased. Think about it. You have a question and can ask it directly of the main anchor in the newsroom. It doesn’t get much more interactive than this.

(FOLLOW) Aaron notes in the comments that the application doesn’t work in Firefox, and that’s bad. It was a last-minute add, and we’ll get it fixed for next time. KTBS is a client of mine.


  1. Too bad the page layout is terribly broken in Firefox.

    Testing, people! Testing!

    I’d love to look… if their site worked. Wonder how many visitors they’re losing because of broken HTML.

  2. You’re right, Aaron, and I should’ve mentioned that. The application only works in IE right now, so if you have a copy of that laying around (I only use it for times like these), have a lookie-loo. It’s really pretty cool.

    Oh, and we’ll fix it for next time.

  3. It takes a dynamic personality to be good in that situation. Sherri is perfect for this. Was it really her, or an animation?

    Fix it for Firefox and Chrome. the new Gbrowser is good.

  4. Leo Laporte (former G4 / Tech TV host, nationally syndicated radio host) is streaming 40+ hours a week — mostly video with chat of his many podcast recording sessions. He proved that you can do on the back of Free Streaming Sites such as Ustream.TV or

    Really all anybody needs is the webcam and a computer. It’s amazing the number of live streams just on those 2 services everyday. I’m not saying it’s all worth watching; but it is amazing that people are just doing it.

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