Web surfing at work

The biggest opportunity for local media companies to build brand or audience is during the work day. A Magid study a year ago revealed that 63% of those who go to news Websites do so while at work.

The idea of employees surfing the Web at work is a controversial one, but the career information people at Vault, Inc. have just finished a study on the subject that helps provide some hard numbers.

  • 87% of employees surf non-work-related websites while at work, and of this 87%, 53% engage in personal web surfing every day.
  • A majority of employees (56%) do not worry about their email or Internet use being monitored at work.
  • Only 35% of employees believe that surfing the Internet or sending non-work-related emails decreases productivity.
As a long-time Web user, I think it’s counterproductive for businesses to force a zero tolerance policy as regards surfing at work. It’s the way we increasingly stay in touch with our world, and I believe a little tolerance makes for happier, more productive employees. RSS certainly makes receiving content at work more efficient, and I think businesses should actually encourage employees to use an aggregator. In fact, it would be smart for a company to provide their own branded reader, or at least work RSS into the home page of their intranet.


  1. This subject came up in one of my classes. A good manager doesn’t nitpick with things of this sort. Getting picky with websurfing would create a negative environment and you might even end up losing people. Of course if someone isn’t doing any work, then they should be let go.

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