Water in the FCC’s pot is getting hotter

I don’t like this “educational/informational” (E/I) bug that the FCC is mandating for local broadcasters during certain children’s programming. Bad ideas often sound very noble up front, and I don’t question the intentions of those who made the rule. The agency requires that broadcasters provide a minimum of three hours a week of educational programming for children, so that bureaucrats and advocacy groups can feel good about themselves. Nothing wrong with that.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t think we need an FCC anymore — at least not in its current manifestation — and I sure hate some outside special interest group mucking up MY television signal. And the question to me is what comes next? Are we going to force broadcasters to put content ratings’ bugs on all programming? That’ll “help parents” keep their kids from watching all the naughty stuff out there. This elitist crap drives me batty — that we’re so stupid that we need big brother to keep our children from harm. Augh!! A simple bug today leads to many bugs tomorrow. We’re like the proverbial frog in the pot of hot water.

Nowhere does the law of unintended consequences work more efficiently than through the bureaucracy of our federal government. And it strikes me as odd that those (who used to be) most outspoken about big government and its cloying interference in our everyday lives are now the very people behind an activist FCC.

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