Washington Post VJs win NPPA awards

Congratulations to all of the winners in this year’s NPPA TV News photography winners. I’ve had the honor of working with serious NPPA photogs, and I salute each and every one of them for their dedication and imagination. I’ve never met an NPPA-esque shooter that I didn’t like.

That said, the surprise of the awards has to be the WashingtonPost.com. Tom Kennedy and VJ Travis Fox won the top prize in the General News — Simple Effects (Editors) category. Their co-worker, VJ Ben De La Cruz, won 3rd place in the General News — Simple Effects (Photographers) category.

This is a much bigger deal than it appears on the surface, for it’s a crack in the armor of the obstinate view that TV is TV and the Web is the Web. Sorry, not true. Moreover, these are VJs who produced this award-winning material, not reporter-photographer teams. I believe this is the first time people shooting on Sony PD-150 and Canon GL‑2 cameras and editing on Macs with Final Cut Pro have been so honored by the NPPA. Mr. Kennedy told me this morning that they’ve also had great success with local TV News awards.

The VJ movement is just beginning in this country, and I’ve written about it often. This news should put all the naysayers on notice.

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