Volatility on parade

Broadcasting & Cable magazine is reporting that Rupert Murdoch is selling eight of his local stations and will keep only those in top-25 markets. It would reduce the number of company owned-and-operated stations to 27 from 35. Stations that could be sold include those serving Kansas City, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Austin, and Birmingham, Ala., among others.

FTVLive (Subscription required) is reporting that Tribune may be shutting down news operations at WB stations in Philadelphia and San Diego and laying off an unknown number of people.

According to numerous reports, the New York Times company is laying off 500 people, including 45 newsroom jobs in New York and 35 newsroom jobs in Boston.

And Staci Kramer reports at PaidContent that “Knight Ridder hopes to use buyouts to cut the staffing in Philadelphia by 15 percent — 75 jobs — at the Inquirer and nearly 20 percent — 25 jobs — at the incredibly shrinking Daily News.”

I’m telling you, folks, this is but a tip of the iceberg. It’s a new media world now, and you’re going to need a new skill set in order to survive.

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