VOD wants to be free

Two-thirds of TV watchers in the U.S. would rather view commercials than pay $1.99 for a download, if they miss their favorite show. That’s the finding of a November study by Points North Group and Horowitz Associates and reported today in MediaDailyNews. Here’s the key paragraph:

This research is good news for advertisers–as they could be more involved with VOD content, said Leddy (Craig Leddy, an analyst of Points North Group). Still, he adds that VOD deals will need to be careful. “Unless the advertising is short and sweet, it won’t work in the VOD environment.”
Attaching a 7–12 second ad to a piece of unbundled media is the simplest way to monetize it. You don’t care when, where or how it plays.


  1. Maybe this study/survey is telling us that people would rather watch ads than be nickel and dimmed to death. One thing we do not think about is how much all this is going to cost the consumer. WIRED had a little breakdown in an issue last year (that I can’t find in my archive).

    Personally, I have no problem with ads, as long as they are good (the Lance Armstrong ad by NIKE during last years Tour De France) and teh content in between is good.

    Bad content is bad content no matter what distribution channel it is on.

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