Viral ads: where video advertising meets the edge

This is one of those things I love about the Internet. A viral ad is one that doesn’t see the light of television but effectively reaches people with the message, even though it may be completely fake. (Anybody can make a commercial these days) They’re “viral” because they’re passed around by Internet users, such as I’m doing here. The thing I like about them is they often cross lines of cultural acceptability, because — as you’ve heard here often — the rules are different online.

Example: Click on the link to see one of my favorites, the terrorist who tries to blow up a sidewalk café but makes the mistake of using a very tough automobile. It’s hosted by a fun site called Adland.

Volkswagon Polo (It may take awhile to load)

Bonus link: Viral award winners announced (via Adrants). Sadly, there aren’t links to the winners provided. What’s THAT all about?

UPDATE: Steve Hall says Volkswagon denies responsibility for the ad

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