Viewers would watch ads they could choose

New research: Viewers would watch ads they could choose
According to new research by The Media Kitchen and InsightExpress, the principal reason people buy new communications technologies is to “have more control over their entertainment/available content.” As a result, disruptive advertising strategies don’t work anymore. All is not lost for advertisers, however, because the research found that a considerable number of consumers would actually be more receptive to advertising if the technologies — and marketers that utilize them — simply would make certain changes, such as giving users the ability to choose their own ads, providing promotional offers with ads, or defraying the cost of media technology with advertising. None of this should come as a shock to anyone who is a regular reader here. Postmoderns are so, in part, because technology has freed them to experience life at a different level than those without it. They/we are the new consumers, and we’ve developed a distaste for those institutions that get in the way of our experience. Advertisers would do well to listen to the message of this research. Engaging the audience begins with the simple acknowledgement that they are in charge.

This kind of knowledge is also critical to those who are attempting to do TV news in a Postmodern world. Look at this list from the research:
% Who Would Be More Receptive To Ads If…
I could choose the ads I see: 44%
Cost of technology was lower with ads: 38%
Included promotional offers: 29%
None of these: 29%
Looked and felt like a short movie: 13%

If nearly half of these technology users would watch ads they could choose, imagine how many would view news/information items they could likewise choose. Video News On Demand (VNOD) is clearly the future in trying to meet the information needs of Postmoderns.

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