Viacom to Google: Take down our material

Viacom is (again) all in a tizzy over youTube (now Google) using copyrighted Viacom content. The company is demanding that youTube remove clips from shows like Comedy Central’s Colbert Report and Nickelodeon’s “Sponge Bob.” Ad Age quotes a statement from Viacom:

“Filtering tools promised repeatedly by YouTube and Google have not been put in place, and they continue to host and stream vast amounts of unauthorized video. YouTube and Google retain all of the revenue generated from this practice, without extending fair compensation to the people who have expended all of the effort and cost to create it. The recent addition of YouTube-served content to Google Video Search simply compounds this issue.”

There are a couple of things to note here. One, Viacom and Google have been in negotiations over this, and talks — according to Ad Age — have “broken off.” This is likely a tactic in negotiations.

Two, one of Viacom’s properties is iFilm, a youTube competitor and a place that got at least some of its fame for running the famous clip in which Jon Stewart made a fool of Crossfire’s Tucker Carlson. Crossfire, of course, used to run on CNN, which is owned by Turner. Now perhaps Viacom had a deal with CNN, because Stewart is one of “theirs,” but…

I’m just sayin…

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