Verizon beds Bing. Must have been drunk!

Add my name to the growing list of Verizon customers who are VERY unhappy with the company’s holiday “gift” to everyone — exclusive search for Microsoft. According to many reports, Microsoft and Verizon have reach a $500 million deal that includes, among other things, exclusive search access to millions of Verizon smart phones, including my Blackberry Tour.

On Saturday, a Bing icon appeared on my start page. I did not ask for this. I did not want it. Moreover, gone were the options for Google and Wikipedia via the Blackberry browser icon. (UPDATE: Google is still my default search under the browser).  All of this happened without my knowledge or my approval.

The comment thread at is now 51 pages long.

You  know, I really have nothing against Bing, but I have a serious problem who try and force things on me, when technology is moving in exactly the opposite direction. I am a loyal Google user, and while I can still use it via the browser, Verizon has put Bing on top. This is a bone-headed move that was done in the name of cash and will return to haunt Verizon downstream. There is just no way this can end well for what has been my favorite carrier.

Aesop’s goose has, once again, been slain in the name of profit. Sigh.


  1. but, like you said, if this will return to haunt Verizon downstream, it’s not really “in the name of profit” but only in the name of “short-term” profit.

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