Utter crap, Mr. Chairman!

Jeff Jarvis vomits eloquence all over FCC Chairman Michael Powell in the wake of the chairman’s New York Times op-ed piece justifying indecency fines. It’s important reading for all broadcasters, because we’ve got to find the balls to take on this out-of-control beast. The whole thing is good, but here’s my favorite part.

Here is your big lie, Powell. You know damned well that these alleged “escalating calls” are the Xeroxes of the few. Millions upon millions watch and listen the shows you censor. Yet, as I proved, only three prigs like you bothered to write letters complaining about a show that you found to be the most indecent in history, since you brought the biggest fine in history against it.
Yikes! This is going to be fun to watch in the weeks and months ahead. There’s a lot at stake here, not the least of which is our First Amendment. The FCC served an important function in the early days of spectrum distribution. Today, political regulation has gone to its head, and we need to do something about it. (Like reinvent it or shut it down!)


  1. “Jeff Jarvis vomits eloquence all over Michael Powell…”

    That is the best, most vivid turn of phrase I have read in a long Time, Terry. Awesome!


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