Understanding the Yahoo! Consortium

Here is the latest in my on-going series of essays, TV News in a Postmodern World.

I know I sound like a broken record sometimes (only people my age use that saying), but the foremost assumption of a networked media world is that the highest value goes to the people running the network, not its individual nodes. This is why we strongly recommend that clients get into the business of network building in addition to distributing their content through networks run by others. This is possible at the local level, because, well, everybody’s a sort of media company these days.

This is just one of the reasons I question the value of the Yahoo! Newspaper Consortium, an enormous blending of Yahoo!‘s reach and technology with the content and sales efforts of 19 major newspaper companies in the U.S. I’ve had several discussions with people involved in the deal, including a guy I really respect who felt I wasn’t considering all the factors. This essay is my attempt to put the details of the deal into language we can all understand, because I think there is an important lesson here for all of us, whether newspaper or television.

Understanding the Yahoo! Consortium

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