Unbundled playback: Sony adds conversion software for PSP

While the video iPod is getting all the press, Sony has announced the release of PSP Media Manager, software that lets you convert and download files from your PC for playback in its popular Play Station Portable. According to Podcasting News, the features include:

  • Two-paned view lets users see media on a PC and PSP system at the same time
  • Automatic file format conversion
  • CD extraction — transfer CDs to the PSP system
  • Podcast and video blog support — download and encode feeds for PSP playback
  • Customizable compression options for music, movies, and images

The PSP has a much bigger screen than the iPod video, and it’s a more versatile piece of hardware. The software is a $20 download, or you can buy the boxed version after December 1st for $30.

This is only the beginning.


  1. Sony, badly trailing Apple, decides to charge users for the ability to get their media onto the PSP in an easy way?

    They should be paying “mainstream” PSP users to get more content on the devices … anything to encourage sales and more experimentation from a broader base of consumers.

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