Umair doesn’t think much of ABC’s new gambit

As a bonus to the story below, here’s Umair Haque’s somewhat contrarian perspective:

The point: unbundling media is only half the game: the value creation half. And it’s exactly and totally the wrong half from a strategic point of view.

Rebundling is where value capture will happen — at communities, reconstructors, markets, networks — that direct people’s attention to individualized ‘casts. This is where branding will be reborn — and where advertising is already being disrupted, ripped apart, and reborn (viz, Google, PPC, pay per call, etc)

It won’t happen overnight. But in the next few years, rebundling will be the future of connected consumption. Most often, it’s why consumers connect in the first place: why do you think people

By focusing on unbundling without rebundling Disney is getting edge strategy exactly wrong. They are handing market power to folks like YouTube and MySpace — literally just forking over market power.

He’s right, of course, and this is the part of my presentations to broadcasters that is the most difficult for them to grasp. For more, read: The Ammunition Business.

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