“Tweet Me” is a new Valentine’s wish

I’m a little late on this one, but…

Sweethearts, the company that makes those cute little heart-shaped Valentine’s candies with messages, has jumped into the social media world with a couple of new additions this year: “Tweet Me” and “Text Me.”

According to the NECCO website:

“For the first time in its 145 year history, the New England Confectionery Company is unveiling a new generation of Sweethearts® that includes all new expressions selected entirely by the American public, along with a re-formulation of the iconic candies made in the USA.”

The company discarded all its previous flavors and sayings this year and launched an entirely new series, including Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Grape, Orange and Blue Raspberry.

The chances of finding “Tweet Me” are one in 80, according to Jackie Hague, vice president of marketing, who told ABC News that the phrase was the number choice of a consumer survey of suggestions for new messages.

“It’s a recognition that society is changing the way to say, ‘I love you,’ ” she says. In fact, she says, because the phrase was the top vote-getter among consumers, “It’s less commercial and more democratic.”

To meet the demand for its “Conversation Hearts,” NECCO produces them from late February through mid-January of the following year. According to the website, the entire production–about 100,000 pounds a day– sells out in an amazing six weeks.

I can report from experience that the new purple, blue and yellow hearts are tasty, but the green and pink, not so much.

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