Trippi: Power to the people

Joe Trippi continues to beat the Internet’s drum. The guy’s a pioneer and the only thing missing from his wardrobe is a coonskin cap. His column is worth reading today. Here’s the best paragraph.

If information is power, then the Internet which distributes information democratically to anyone who has access to it, is no longer distributing just information— it’s distributing power. And in a top-down society, it’s empowering the bottom. Put more simply—in America, it’s empowering the American people.
I challenge Joe (once again) to put his money where his mouth is and actually conduct a Presidential campaign entirely online. Screw the MSM. Screw television. Just say “no” to conventionality and let it rip.

Trippi writes:

The Dean for America Campaign was really hundreds of thousands of Americans working together to change a top-down, big-money political system that has corroded, rusted, and failed to solve many of our nation’s problems.
The problems occurred for Dean when the campaign decided (Trippi?) to move away from this paradigm and duke it out in the corroded, rusty big-money system that he so abhors. I’m not saying a campaign waged entirely online would win (at least not this year), but it sure as hell would shatter the status quo.

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