Towards a new code of ethics

Steve Buttry, the Director of Community Engagement at TBD and blogger, has penned some modifications and additions to the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) code of ethics that are worth a lookie-loo. This is much needed work that needs to be done if institutional journalism is to keep pace with the evolution (or is it a revolution) in news. It’s 3,000 words long, but I recommend going to Steve’s site and reading it.

In the comments — and as a professor of ethics — I added the following:

Since the rising journalist of today is often independent, I find most ethical dilemmas come not from the journalism but from the acting as publisher, editor and writer simultaneously. This cries for ethical considerations from the Academy. Secondly, news itself is being redefined. The code of the SPJ was written for the age of “finished product” news, whereas today’s news is all about real time. You’ve alluded to it here, but it really demands its own code.

I’ll have much more to say about this at some future date, but I wanted to get the link out there for Steve.

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