To those still clinging to email marketing…

Microsoft’s blogging pioneer Robert Scoble asked for the company’s checkbook last week to buy a Web 2.0 company. He posted the request on his blog, which drew some interesting responses. One was from ZDNet’s Dan Farber, who asked why he didn’t just email his bosses directly. Scoble’s response is telling:

Oh, why not go through email exclusively? You gotta get how big a deal RSS is inside Microsoft to understand that. I bet a lot of people who I wanted to reach get the message via RSS before they get it via email.
To those still clinging to the notion that email marketing will play a big role in the future of Internet commerce, think about what Scoble is saying. The “permission” you seek as direct marketers is granted through subscription to the RSS feed, which can be cancelled by the receiver at any time. It’s fast and efficient, but you can’t penetrate it without playing nice.

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