Tip jar for my surgery

At the urging of Jeff Jarvis — the fastest talking man in the whole blogosphere — I have put a tip jar up for anybody who wishes to participate in helping me with surgery expenses. All I can offer in return is my undying appreciation.


  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Bill Hobbs’blog tipped me off to this PayPal opportunity.

  2. Mine and my family’s thoughts are with you Terry. So is my modest contribution to your tip jar. I hope that it helps.

    Oddly enough, I had a similar problem once. I even had a mammogram to try and determine what was going on. They were about to do a biopsy when one doctor posited the theory that my lump might be caused by the ibuprofen I had been taking to battle a flu. We played wait and see, and the lump went away. Now I take Tylenol.

    I certainly hope that your results are equally benign.

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