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Here’s the link to this week’s AR&D Media 2.0 Intel report. Inside you’ll find CNN & IB, the secret of Bluffton Today, and advice for mid-career journos. Enjoy.


  1. In response to Build Your Own WordPress Blog in the newsletter:

    “The first recommendation I’d make to any budding multimedia journalist is to start a blog. Don’t go the easy route (Google’s “Blogger”); go to a hosting company (like Earthlink, GoDaddy or Sausage), buy a domain name, and lease monthly space on a shared server. Find a company that has a phone number available for support and call them for help. This will cost from $6 to $30 a month, depending on how fancy you want to get. You will need hosting with a MySql database, because high-end blog software runs off a database. Then pay to have WordPress installed by somebody who knows what they’re doing. The hosting company will likely have that available. If not, just go to the WordPress website discussion boards and find somebody.”

    Yes, start a blog. But don’t take this convoluted route if you’re just starting one blog. Go and let WordPress or Typepad host it. Godaddy, for example, is a very poor web host. Plus, that whole routine of setting things up suddenly takes people that could be diving in with hosted professional blogging software in a very brief time into learning and dealing with issues that are beside the point.

    The rest of the post is great but this one bit really undermines your message and goal.

  2. Point taken, Clyde. That would certainly be the preferred route. Thanks.

  3. Cool. Hey, if you haven’t encountered Paul Conley, I’d highly recommend his B2B publishing blog based on your approach.


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