This really, um, pisses me off

Oops, some offensive language has slipped into my blog. What ever will I do?

Below is a screen grab of a piece in PCWorld by John Dunn of Techworld. It really does hack me off.

Blogs Now Infested With Offensive Content

Blogs now infested with offensive content? A variety of unpleasant content, including porn, offensive language, hate posting, and malware? Give me a friggin’ break!

The truth is the story doesn’t justify the headline, but we all know that the headline is what sells the story. Its about Scansafe’s Monthly Global Threat Report for March 2007, from which a few juicy quotes were lifted. Up to 80% of the web’s blogs, for example, contain some form of offensive content, according to Scansafe. Of course, to make the list, the company had to pick up just ONE word considered profanity in order to broadbrush the site as “offensive.”

My problem with this is Dunn’s headline and sub-head, which will enter the language of those who already believe blogs to be a blight on our culture.

And so it goes…

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