This really hacks me off

In the news today is word that an old friend of mine, Tom Van Howe, is coming out of retirement to help a station in the Grand Rapids market during a time when its main anchor is on military leave. Tom and I worked together in Louisville in the 1979–1980 time frame, and he’s a straight-up guy with a fun nickname: Tom Van “How do I look?”

Anyway, good for Tom and good for WWMT-TV.

So what’s got me all pissed off? An article in the Battle Creek newspaper sticks its nose in history’s basket and drags out a drunk and disorderly conduct arrest (not conviction, mind you) from 2002. Go read the article and view the comments. I hate this crap, and it’s what gives all of journalism a bad name. You want to know why people don’t trust us anymore? It’s unsigned garbage like this.

Editors at the Battle Creek Enquirer should be ashamed of themselves.

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